A try for Howard Hill

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Re: A try for Howard Hill

Beitrag von Holzbieger » 10.01.2013, 15:46

@ POS & Moem

That is good for you but my experience is completely different. I must admit that my English meanwhile is completely US centric with some UK and Ireland influence through colleagues that I work very closely together.
I am neither a linguist nor scientist. I am a simple engineer and my lesson learned is:
Write for your audience. If you write a scientific essay for a small group of nuclear physicists use nested sentences, for all other audiences try to avoid this. The audience of a public archery forum are not scientists.
I am willing to defend my opinion.

I gave the article (not the full one but the fragment posted here) to one of my US colleagues and asked her for the opinion of a native English speaker. In short that is her feedback (in italics):
the writing style to be eclectic and unique – kind of artsy. (nothing bad with that)
There were one or two rather long sentences – we call them “run on” sentences, which I would’ve broken up into 2 sentences.
There are a couple of sentences that are incomplete; that is – missing a verb.
My English teacher in high school would’ve circled it in red.

So in a fragment with 6 paragraphs she found enough "run on"/nested or incomplete sentences to make it difficult to read. That's what I said and that's what I got confirmed.

Why did I start this discussion? Not to have a go at Peter. I give him all the credit and kudos for his attempt to write about Howard Hill. But this is a public archery forum where we seek and give advice about bow building. I neither can give advice about Howard Hill nor about bow building. I can give advice about the things that I understand well, knife making and the use of the English language.

Best Regards


P.S. Sorry for high jacking the thread for a language discussion and not providing comments about Howard Hill. I will try to keep quiet now.
P.P.S I have many well educated southern colleagues/friends that once in a while call themselves "Hillbilly" aka "Appalachian Americans"

Edit: @ DD I fully agree with your opinion.
- Es ist besser ein gute Entscheidung rechtzeitig zu treffen als eine sehr gute zu spät.
- Ancora Imparo

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Re: A try for Howard Hill

Beitrag von Taran » 10.01.2013, 17:14

I'm sure native speakers like your style. They like mine, too, they think it's entertaining LOL

I'm a bit puzzled by your use of progressive tense forms, btw.
and "if a book is printed you can't correct anything" plz!

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Re: A try for Howard Hill

Beitrag von Wilfrid (✝) » 10.01.2013, 19:13

Pons english deutsch translated:

"In den 1950ern bekam Howard Hill USD 5. 000 für eine 30-minütige Leistung. Ein Glück, sogar heute verdiente er, wenn Sie denken, wie viel pro Minute.

An Grant Park in Chicago trat er vor 35. 000 Zuschauern auf. Nach der Bogenschießschießausstellung riss die Menge das Hemd von seinem Rücken und nahm auch seinen Bogen und seine Pfeile für Andenken. ’Inder s charakteristische Schießstil hat Generationen von Bogenschützen beeinflusst. ’In thes charakteristischer Schießstil hat Generationen von Bogenschützen beeinflusst. Er verrücktes Zeug, kaufen einen Langbogen, anziehen ein rückständiges Zittern und zu schießen wirklich, wirklich große Tiere. Es war Howard Hill, der den Langbogen, so ernste Jagdwaffe, weltweit beliebt machte. ’In thes charakteristisches Schießen, das Stil in s Kaliber hat; er wusste wirklich, wie selbst, wie darzustellen ist, zu machen das die meisten seiner Vorstellungen. Ich denke Howard Hill war die Einzige eine, der soley ein lebendes Tunbogenschießen machte, ohne unter den größeren Bogenschießherstellern zu sein. "

Digital Translators normally don´t translate as well

Better your are a continental than from Sussex. ;-)