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For all those who know Tim Baker

Verfasst: 17.10.2006, 19:59
von Taran
There is a lengthy thread on PaleoPlanet:
Tim Baker in hospital
Apparently Tim Baker has had a close brush with death from a secondary infection after undergoing minor surgery.
I have taken the liberty to post my get-well wishes on behalf of the TBB translation team, I hope that was okay with you. I didn't want to post as long as he was out of touch, but I think he hopefully is over the worst and might be glad to hear that a lot of folks here appreciate his work and character, although they've never met him. Perhaps you'd like to add your comments in the above thread...

Verfasst: 17.10.2006, 20:02
von kra
Thank you, Stefan, thats suites me fine.
Apparently he's on the way back to live now, still pretty weak, but full of spirit.