Border Bows at the World Flight Championships

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Border Bows at the World Flight Championships

Beitrag von Tower » 15.09.2004, 14:55

Hallo together,

just got an email from Sid & Ann Ball from Border Bows which I would like to share with you:

We take great pleasure in sharing this email that arrived today. We offer our congratulations to Janice and Mike for their knowledge and skill in distance shooting.

Janice and Mike have just made a huge impact on world distance shooting. 12 Gold medals and 6 world records

These successes go hand in hand with Jim McDowell's silver medal ,Jason Reid's Gold and Barbara Campbell's gold at the European IFAA Champs last year in Finland and Katrin Virula's Gold and three new World record scores made this year at the IFAA World Champs held in the USA.

Another notable record was Harry Steever's new national NAA indoor 18m record set last year also.

It has to be said that it takes a champion archer to win championships. The bow only helps!!!! :0)

Best regards to you all


From: m-willrich []
Hi Sid

You probably have not received the post-card yet ? but what can we say Border Bows are fantastic & not to mention the arrows & bow strings that I specially prepared !

Janice achieved 6 - Class Gold Medals & 4 - World Records & I
achieved 6 - Class Gold Medals & 2 - World Records.

Expanded Report :

Thursday 2 Sept. Practice Day :
Warm Sunny no wind.

35lb Border Mirage approx. 391 yds

35lb Border Mirage approx. 388yds
70lb '' Black Douglas HEX 1V limbs approx 527yds
Decided not to compete in this class as it is unlikely that I could get anywhere near the World Record of 601yds.
33Kg Groves/ Merlin/ Willrich Compound Bow approx 887yds

Friday 3 Sept . Due to a severe thunder storm on Thursday night the Bonneville Salt Flats were flooded, literally a lake ! so there was no shooting today.

Saturday 4 Sept. Warm to Hot

The lake had subsided somewhat, but we had to move the shooting line aprox a mile towards Wendover to find a drier area but it was still very muddy.
Shooting finally started at about 12.30 p.m. most of Fridays scheduled rounds were completed and measured by around 7.30 p.m.

Because we were behind schedule once the shooting line had been set up there was not time to alter the position if the wind changed as has been normal practice in the USA.

Janice shot the first round with a moderate following wind
35lb NAA / FITA Target Bow Class - 409yds 1ft 8in Gold Medal, NAA / FITA World Record ( Border Mirage ) First Archer Man or Woman to shoot over 400yds in this class.

Mike shot the next round by which time the wind had altered to a cross wind.
50lb NAA Field Bow Class - 479yds 2ft 9in Gold Medal ( Border Mirage beating Arlan Reynolds USA - 473yds. particularly pleasing in that Arlan's Hoyt Bow is the one he shot the 530yds World Record last year with a following wind ! So head to head in similar conditions we beat the Hoyt Bow. A pity we did not get the following wind when this class was shot !

Similar conditions when we shot the 50lb Target Bow Class ( Border Mirage )

Mike 50lb NAA / FITA Target Bow Class - 496 yds 2ft 9in Gold Medal.

Also similar conditions when Janice shot
50lb NAA / FITA Target - 463yds 2ft 10in - Gold Medal , NAA / FITA World Record. Also to become the only woman ever to achieve The Grand Master Qualification ( Women 450yds ) with Target Bow equipment.

Mike next shot the 35lb NAA / FITA Target Bow Class, the wind was now a cross to slightly against. - 379yds 0ft 6in Gold Medal NAA / FITA World Record.

So a brilliant first day's competition.

Sunday 5 Sept. Hot & Dry

The Salt Flats were a lot drier today so we moved back to the original base camp.

But after setting up the shooting line the wind changed to a cross wind.

Janice shot : 50lb NAA Field Bow Class - 454yds 1ft 8in beating April Moon's World Record for the Gold Medal & NAA World Record ( Border Mirage ).

Mike shot :33 Kg Compound Flight Bow - 804yds 2ft 5in Gold Medal

Then Mike Shot 70lb NAA Field Bow Broadhead Arrow Class - 387yds 0ft 9in. Gold Medal.

Then Janice shot 50lb NAA Field Bow Broadhead Arrow Class - 267yd 0ft 5in Gold Medal NAA World Record beating April Moon's 1997 World record.

It was then decided that for the last end that there was time to move the shooting line to give a following wind.

Mike shot : 50lb NAA Field Bow Broadhead Arrow - 326yds 0ft 7.5 in Gold Medal NAA World Record beating my own record of 284yds ( Border Mirage )

Janice shot : Unlimited Field Bow B/Head Class - 320yd 2ft 1in - Gold Medal ( Using 50lb Border Mirage ) .

If we had had a following wind in all the classes that we shot I am sure we could have gained more World Records.

Janice & I also won the Charles E Grayson Broadhead Trophies for the longest Broadhead shot out of all the Broadhead Classes.

We are also the only archers outside of the USA ever to have achieved World Broadhead Records.

Sid, John Havard A&H Archery was very impressed by the way the new Border limbs performed, he will be contacting you to order some of the new flight limbs, I did not mention a price, I would leave that for you to negotiate.

Best Wishes


Mike & Janice
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