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Horse bows in the lower price range

Verfasst: 27.09.2004, 16:49
von Taran
There are relatively few horsebows in the lower price range.
One is the Grozer Old Scythian, at the moment available for around 120 - 130 Euros. It has received very favourable reviews on ATARN and other boards including this one and seems to offer unbeatable perfomance at such a low price.

The Samick SKB has a tarnished reputation: Limbs are sometimes twisted or lose their alignment over time, causing the bow to shed its string when shooting it.

The Internature KTB looks very much like the Samick at first glance, is slightly more expensive (about 140 - 150 Euros) and in its new design comes equipped with string bridges (of rubber-like material) and a leather-wrapped grip. Seems interesting to me...

Is there anybody who has seen or shot the Internature (former SamWha) KTB? I'm toying with the idea of acquiring one and doing a comparative study on "affordable" horsebows...

But if it is a "lemon", I won't even try...

Verfasst: 27.09.2004, 17:12
von Ravenheart
Hi Taran,

if you mean this one:


well, I got one for my 10-year-old son! It draws 40 (!) # at 28", but as his draw-length is only 22", he has NO PROBLEM to shoot it!

The bow draws absolutely soft at the start, and in my opinion, this way it is an excellent children-bow! Growing up with them!

If I draw it until 28 (or more)", he shows an acceptable performance! Nice little bow..., even when it looks like a toy!

b.t.w.:For more comfort, I filled up the middle-section a little and formed an arrow-rest from hard leather!

Bild Bild


Thanks for the information...

Verfasst: 27.09.2004, 19:38
von Taran
Do you think/know it will accept a longer draw, say 30"? (It should, considering the pictures on the web!)

What about speed? How much does the drawweight increase towards 28? How would you compare it to a Grozer? Is it fast? Quiet? Stable?
The Samick often has a kind of wobbly feel...


Verfasst: 27.09.2004, 23:21
von Ravenheart
@ taran: too much and too difficult questions for me! I'm a longbow-man, ouugh, ouuugh!
When we meet next time, remember me in time and I will take it with me; and you try for yourself, o.k.?

Verfasst: 28.09.2004, 10:53
von Werner
I'm very happy with my horsebow from Bodnik.
Very important:
it's the new model built this year, it differs in its behavior from older bows described in this forum.

It was a long way to get used to the bow, but now it's OK. First of all you've got to remove the bloody leather stuff from the grip, the bow is for shooting over the back of the bow hand only.

(You can see the bow in action regarding my user photograph)

It's very important to shoot very exactly, because any mistake you'll make will directly be passed to the arrow.

One of the benefits the bow has is its extreme light weight. I'll try it in Koppenbrueck next weekend.
BTW, you can't pull the bow over 29".

Best regards

Verfasst: 28.09.2004, 11:06
von shewolf
That´s nice, so we can test the horse bows under warlike conditions - cold, wet and muddy surroundings :D

I will bring along my scythian, the magyar and the kassai, though the last two do not belong to what you might call a "lower price range".

My daughter shoots the children´s scythian, a very lightweight easy-drawing bow. I am presently working on a take-down leather grip with an arrow rest included, to help her start aiming.

Verfasst: 28.09.2004, 11:17
von Werner
@ shewolf:
We'll have nice, dry and sunny weather next weekend, for shure.

What about starting an article on horse bow testing after that? Perhaps in german language?


Bodnik horsebow

Verfasst: 28.09.2004, 13:46
von Taran
So I forgot the Bodnik horsebow! Shame on me! Can you name the current price?
What bothers me about the Bodnik bow are the non-contact recurves, I like a recurve (static, or even siyahs) to get more speed with less stack out of such a short bow.

Please test the bows, compare them, what about writing an article for TB together?

My son shoots a 31lbs Scythian and is very good with it, always in the top ranks in bowhunter recurve. I added a leather grip and defined arrow shelf in leather.

My daughter still has to get used to her children's Scythian. She always manages to get her elbow in the way of the string, but that's her fault, the bow is not to blame.

Re: Bodnik horsebow

Verfasst: 28.09.2004, 15:48
von Werner
Hi Taran,

here are the current prices at Bodnik:
horsebow 98,00 €
horsebow deluxe 148,00 €
Plsese look here:

Turtle Archery sells a horsebow too, the same price, 98,00 €. It looks like the one Bodnik sells.
You'll find it here:


thx for linx

Verfasst: 28.09.2004, 17:00
von Taran
The luxury version has yew laminates, very nice - but the nomenclature for the standard version looks suspicious: "Ulmenoptik" may just mean "it looks like elm", but what IS it? Plastic?

Verfasst: 28.09.2004, 18:16
von Werner
It can't be plastic, I think it's elm. I can tell because the first bow sent to me had been broken before shooting the first arrow.
So I could take a look at the (where is the dictionary?) layers the bow had been built of. Except of the glas layer, there was definitely no plastic layer to be seen.
Btw: Bodnik had sent a new bow immediately, this one had not been broken yet.

Some things about the architecure and speed of the bow:

OK, it doesn't have any siyahs and doesn't look like a typical bow from asian nomad tribes (nor does the samick).
But the speed ist really amazing: I used it last weekend together with a couple of friends using "typical" horsebows like the ones from grozer or kassai.

Althoug the draw weight of my bow was 5 lbs less than the other horse bows, althoug I was the only one using 11/32 arrows instead of 5/16 as the others did, my arrows went faster and the clout distance was about 5 meters longer than
the distances of all other bows in our little group.

RE: Horse bows in the lower price range

Verfasst: 07.04.2005, 10:40
von Mika
Original geschrieben von Taran
There are relatively few horsebows in the lower price range.
One is the Grozer Old Scythian...

Here some photos from someone Grozer Old Scythian 35#@28" bow.

A new Hungarian

Verfasst: 07.04.2005, 17:37
von Taran
A new low-priced Hungarian bow can be seen at ... entry51940
and ... c=1335&hl=

The manufacturer is online at

Reviews at the webarcherie frum (French) are quite favourable. Price should be similar to the Old Scythian.

In the meantime I acquired an Internature Korean bow. It's draw is very soft. It needs a very long draw. I bought it with 40lbs but at 28" it's closer to 35lbs. Light arrows are a must. Very comfortable shooter, though.