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Search for Killzone - ELK Hunting

Verfasst: 04.08.2005, 12:20
von Archiv
On the US Forum Bowsite is a game for searching the Kill Zone.

Take the Hand search the Point and take the left Mouse Key to confirm.

Rather what for Compound Proctions..



Verfasst: 02.11.2005, 17:56
von Peter O. Stecher
I tried it several times but never figured out why some shots are wrong or called a miss...
But, it's a nice feature!!


Verfasst: 21.06.2006, 23:01
von Atheos

I confirm the opinion of negley.
I tried also the game and I don't know why some shots were wrong, but its funny.

So long, A.

Verfasst: 22.06.2006, 00:27
von Wittiko
Well, just read the start page! :o The game is not just about arrow placement...

..ethical shots...

...elk bull...

One is a cow, some have twigs or leg bones in the arrows way.

The one with the elk running through the water should be unethical too, far away and running! Who can hit that one perfect?